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Introducing Pulse, your go-to source for the tips and tools to help you live your best

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Introducing Pulse, your go-to source for the tips and tools to help you live your best

Introducing Pulse, your go-to source for the tips and tools to help you live your best


Everyday we here at higi are intensely focused on helping our users live a better, healthier life. Today we are excited to take this one step further. Millions of people have already visited higi Stations across the country for quick, easy access to their basic health vitals. While we would love for you to visit a Station everyday, we do realize this isn’t always practical. In addition, your health vitals are only one piece to the puzzle when it comes to living that better, healthier life. What happens away from a Station, in-between visits, can be just as important as the numbers you see on the screen.

This brings us to why we are so giddy about Pulse,  the new feature we’re launching today. Throughout the course of a day we’re presented with lots of little decisions that can make a big difference in the long run. Do we take the elevator or the stairs? Should we eat this salad for lunch or dominate that deep-dish pizza?

With Pulse, we want to make it easier for you to stay on top of the tips and tools that you need to live your best, ultimately helping inform those decisions you make everyday.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is the home for original content written by the team of writers here at higi. Additionally, we’ll be pulling relevant content from around the web and bringing it to you in one convenient place. Check in daily for topics ranging from food and nutrition tips to fun activities to make the most of your weekend.

Pulse on web

Pulse articles can be read from both our website and iPhone application. On the web, you can access Pulse direct from the URL (https://higi.com/pulse) or find the Pulse link on your nav bar up top. Pulse articles are broken down into three categories reflecting the three pillars of higi: Body, Lifestyle and Community.


Pulse on mobile

For iPhone app users, upon updating to the latest version, you’ll see a revamped home screen that features a feed of Pulse articles for quick access upon opening. If you’re not an iPhone user, just visit https://higi.com/pulse in your mobile web browser as the site is fully responsive.


Moving forward

We’ll continue to fine-tune our content strategy with Pulse over time and as always we welcome any and all feedback. Our ears are open to any article ideas and tips you’d like to share, just send a quick note to pulse@higi.com.