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Higi on the Power of Health Data

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Higi on the Power of Health Data

Higi on the Power of Health Data

Higi President and Chief Technology Officer Khan Siddiqui to Speak at Health Data Consortium Forum Panel


As higi users know, the quantity and availability of health data is growing exponentially — but with what impact? How can we use this data to improve wellness, lower healthcare costs and accelerate the cure of disease?

On Nov. 8, higi President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Khan Siddiqui will join speakers such as Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and HHS Chief Technology Officer Bryan Sivak in exploring the power of health data and how tools such as higi — which makes the process of monitoring wellness easy, accessible, and automated —can be used to deliver that data with maximum benefit.


This panel — an invitation-only event part of the Health Data Consortium Forum Series — will take place on Friday, Nov. 8 at 1871 in downtown Chicago. The Health Data Consortium is a public-private partnership organization devoted to fostering the availability and use of health data to drive innovation.

We’re proud to be part of the national conversation on how health data can change the face of healthcare, and look forward to the insights provided by the other speakers!