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Higi Announces Acquisition of EarndIt

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Higi Announces Acquisition of EarndIt

Higi Announces Acquisition of EarndIt

Health Engagement Company To Add Gamification Elements Into New Platform

December 17, 2013, Chicago, IL — Higi, the consumer-centric health engagement company, has acquired the fitness gamification-based platform Earndit, which aggregates data from 11 activity trackers and mobile apps to allow users to earn real rewards for their trackable physical activity as well as compete against each other in brand-sponsored challenges. The Earndit team of experts in gamification, health engagement technology and brand integration will join higi in developing new higi-platform features to be released during the first quarter of 2014.

“We are thrilled to integrate Earndit into the higi engagement platform,” said Dr. Khan Siddiqui, President and Chief Technology Officer. “Earndit not only strengthens our philosophy of making health simple, interactive and rewarding, but also allows us to leverage Earndit’s activity tracking features into our platform, providing our users and partners the next step in their wellness journey.”

The Earndit platform provides incentives – both virtual and physical – using a game-like experience that encourages users to engage in their health and wellness. The free platform will be integrated into higi’s suite of products, which includes the higi Stations, website and mobile app. The platform will also connect to other activity trackers and apps, collecting data and converting that information into points that can be redeemed for rewards. Users can participate in brand-sponsored challenges and sweepstake style giveaways to receive digital coupons, products and gift cards. The Earndit platform is open to everyone, including current higi users, who can join for free and immediately enter free challenges and work towards high value rewards.

About higi
Higi is a simple, interactive and rewarding way to take control of your health and wellness. Higi automatically measures and quantifies your personal health information into one manageable number – the higi Score. Easily accessible in retail stores at higi Stations, at home on the website, at work, and on-the-go with the mobile app, higi is proof that understanding and tracking your data is the key first step to improving your wellness. Higi Stations can be found in select retail locations in 29 states, the District of Columbia and counting. To learn more, visit higi.com and follow us on Twitter @higi.

About Earndit
Founded in 2010, Earndit (Earndit.com) rewards its users for trackable physical activity – linking with most of today’s top fitness tracking apps and devices, including Nike+, Fitbit, BodyMedia, Runkeeper, Moves, MapMyFitness, Omron, and many others. Users link their tracking services to Earndit once and Earndit will automatically give them points for any activities they do with those tracking services. These points can be redeemed for rewards from a growing list of participating brands, including Vita Coco, PopChips, Bulu Box, 2XU, LeftLane Sports, FitOrbit, BucketFeet, and dozens others. Earndit also hosts weekly and monthly challenges with prizes offered by a different brands. To date, Earndit members have earned nearly $1.5 million in rewards. More recently, Earndit has entered the employer wellness space by offering employers their own branded versions of Earndit with the ability to have custom rewards and challenges. Go to Earndit.com to learn more.