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Welcome to our newest Whole Foods friends in Northbrook, IL

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Welcome to our newest Whole Foods friends in Northbrook, IL

Back in February we spent a day mingling and educating the customers of the Northbrook Whole Foods Market about higi and the new in-store higi Station. Their Station sits in the heart of the vitamins and supplements department, which is where we posted up for the day. With goody bags labeled #higihealthpledge and filled with fun Whole Foods items (coupons, free samples, etc), we were ready to shower people with gifts who tried out the Station.


Not only did we meet great customers (now higi users), but also outstanding and caring team members. They came to us looking to learn about our company so they could help educate their customers and also track their own health. We do need to specifically mention Robin, their healthy eating specialist (and it wasn’t just because we got to taste some of her yummy quinoa salad samplings). When she wasn’t explaining the benefits and cooking instructions for quinoa to shoppers, she lead a group of people in a local exercise class as part of the 28 day challenge she is hosting. She is a woman truly dedicated to teaching people about simple choices to make their lives healthier, which is exactly what higi aims to do. We are honored to be partners with an organization that cares so deeply about customers, the local community and making the world a better place.

So local Northbrook-ians, come stop by to check out the higi Station in the vitamin department and see what your local Whole Foods has to offer (and say hi to Robin for us)!