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Higi and Stayhealthy Combine to Create the Largest Connected Retail Health Kiosk Network

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Higi and Stayhealthy Combine to Create the Largest Connected Retail Health Kiosk Network

August 6, 2014, Chicago, IL – Higi and Stayhealthy today announced the companies have closed a transaction to come together, immediately creating the largest connected retail health kiosk network in the United States. The business will operate as higi.

The two companies have combined to execute upon their shared vision of helping people to take small but meaningful engagement steps in their health and wellness. A robust platform has been developed that makes it simple, fun, and rewarding to take control of one’s health and wellness.

Both companies have successfully aligned with retail, provider, wellness, and corporate partners to roll out an interactive health engagement platform that features a nationwide self-service kiosk network which is convenient and free for consumers to use. Coming together immediately creates a nationwide footprint of over 6,000 kiosks and a contractually scheduled install base of nearly 10,000 by 2015.

Beyond offering consumers basic health screenings (blood pressure, pulse, body fat, weight and BMI), the platform also integrates with many of the most popular fitness tracking devices on the market. This allows users to seamlessly monitor both their fitness and health tracking activity while also being uniquely rewarded for their efforts via higi’s wellness engagement incentive program. This burgeoning program, leveraged by individuals, corporations, brands, and retailers, both rewards users for their health and fitness engagement as well as motivates them with engagement competitions.

“Bringing the two companies together makes great strategic sense and expands our influence in the market,” said John Collins, CEO of Stayhealthy. He added, “By combining our different technologies and resources, we can offer a best in class, next generation product. Higi’s engagement platform makes tracking your health simple, fun and rewarding. This merged with our clinical-quality health measurement technology is a win-win for the end-user.”

Jeff Bennett, CEO of higi remarks: “Our ultimate goal is to promote and develop a collaborative approach to healthcare between physicians, providers, payers, employers and individuals. By leveraging Stayhealthy’s innovative algorithms, advanced testing methods, and screening technologies, we get one step closer to achieving this goal through access to high-tech data. There is a great synergy between our products, services and passion for providing quality healthcare screening and engaging individuals to take control of their health.”

Bennett will serve as CEO while Collins will serve as Vice Chairman and Director of Innovation.

About higi:
Higi is a simple, interactive and rewarding way to take control of your health and wellness. Easily accessible in retail stores, corporate wellness sites, fitness clubs and medical providers across the country at higi and Stayhealthy Stations, as well as at home on the website and on-the-go with the mobile app, higi is proof that understanding and tracking your data is the key first step to improving your wellness. Based upon current contracted rollout plans, the combined higi/Stayhealthy network will bring interactive health engagement to users at nearly 10,000 physical locations with the completion of existing rollouts. To learn more,
visit higi.com or stayhealthy.com, and follow us on Twitter @higi.

Contact: Thomas Frank, Delucchi Plus 202.696.1871 / tfrank@delucchiplus.com