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A new way to check-in: More stations, more stats, more healthy

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A new way to check-in: More stations, more stats, more healthy

A new way to check-in: More stations, more stats, more healthy

If you’ve been waiting for a higi Station near you, looking for a Station at your normal pharmacy or want more measurements out of your higi Station, we have good news. Over the next month, we’re adding over 3,000 new stations in pharmacies and retailers across the nation. These new Stations will be able to measure your blood pressure, pulse, body weight, body mass index, body fat %, and they look a little different from the higi Stations you’re used to:


The new Stations are automatically integrated with the higi interface so users can still track their stats, earn points to use for Challenges and Rewards and access their information through the higi app. Here’s everything you need to know:

Where are the new Stations located?
The new higi Stations will roll out over the next few months at select locations at these retailers:
Kroger, Albertsons Sav-on, Meijer Pharmacy, Jewel-Osco, Fred Meyer, Smith’s, Fry’s, Harris Teeter, King Soopers, Ralphs, Cub Pharmacy, Acme Sav-on Pharmacy, Albertons Osco, Dillons, Shaw’s Farm Fresh Pharmacy, Shoppers, Shop n’ Save Pharmacy, City Market, United Pharmacy, QFC, United Market, Baker’s, Star Osco Pharmacy, Albertsons Market, Gerbes, Albertsons, Jay C Food Stores, United Amigos Pharmacy, Dunnhumby, Market Street Pharmacy, Rainbow Pharmacy

I see a new station at my pharmacy/retailer. How do I connect to higi?
If your Station’s touch screen isn’t showing the higi login screen, it hasn’t been integrated into the system yet. But not to worry, it will. We expect to have over 3,000 new Stations integrated by the end of May. Check back soon or head to our Station Locator to find your nearest integrated higi Station.

If the screen prompts you to log in to higi, your higi user name and password will allow you to connect and track your measurements as usual, despite what the Station looks like. If you don’t have a higi user name and password, you can create one using the touch screen or create one ahead of time here.

Are all higi Stations changing?
No. The current higi Stations will function and look the same as before.

How does this effect how I check in with higi?
If you have a higi Station that you visit regularly, you can continue to use that Station as usual.

If there hasn’t been a Station near you, one of our new locations may be convenient for you. Check our Station Locator over the next month to find a Station near you.

Have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

We’re always looking to improve the higi network and provide access to more people to measure and track their vital health stats to make healthier choices. With these new Stations, we’re nearing 10,000 nationwide with 75% of the United States population within 5 miles of a higi Station.