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Garmin and higi launch new omni-channel health engagement initiative to encourage consumers to know and own their vital health stats

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Garmin and higi launch new omni-channel health engagement initiative to encourage consumers to know and own their vital health stats

Garmin and higi launch new omni-channel health engagement initiative to encourage consumers to know and own their vital health stats

Innovative program to be driven by retail-based health stations, challenge, education and digital outreach

 CHICAGO, IL, February 9, 2016 — Encouraging large populations of people to adopt healthy habits easily and consistently is the end goal of a new program announced today by Garmin International, a unit of Garmin Ltd. and higi, the leading retail, omni-channel community engagement platform.

The program will rely on multiple and varied outreach channels to engage consumers in an effort to educate and motivate them to make healthy habits part of their daily lives. A Garmin-sponsored health challenge, educational webinar, ongoing social media outreach and retail integration will serve as the program’s foundation.

“Garmin is always exploring new and creative ways to engage our customers so they can change behaviors and fulfill their health goals,” said Allison Swelin, Manager, Garmin Health &Wellness sales and marketing. “We are excited about this collaboration with higi and look forward to the benefits the expanded relationship will produce for our customers.”

Beginning on March 1, a Garmin-sponsored, St. Patrick’s Day-inspired health challenge “Go Green, Go Garmin” https://higi.com/challenge/about will be launched and will run throughout the month via higi’s nationwide network of nearly 10,000 health stations, mobile app and web portal. Prizes include the latest Garmin devices and exclusive Garmin merchandise.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with a technology innovator like Garmin,” said Sheila McCormick, higi Chief Marketing Officer. “Garmin shares our vision that consumers, when armed with timely and meaningful health data, make better health decisions. We look forward to working with Garmin to make it easy and rewarding for consumers to know and own their vital health stats.”

Garmin and higi also will deliver an educational webinar “Five Tips to Create Positive Habits” which will focus on scientifically proven methods to adopt healthy habits. The webinar will be held on March 23, 2016 at 12P.M. CST and will feature higi’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Khan Siddiqui. Register here.

Beyond the retail activation, health challenge and webinar, Garmin and higi plan to maintain an active digital presence among their respective users. Additionally, a newly installed higi health station offers customers at Garmin’s Chicago store at 663 N. Michigan Avenue the ability to monitor their blood pressure, BMI, weight and pulse and sign up for the “Go Green, Go Garmin” Challenge at no charge.  One of the most well-known retail destinations in the world, Chicago’s Michigan Avenue attracts more than 22 million people annually.

Garmin and higi have been partners since 2014 allowing Garmin wearable users to sync with the higi app to track and be rewarded for their activity progress as well as monitor and share their biometric health data.

About higi

higi’s mission is to get consumers to take small but meaningful steps to create lasting health habits. Its unique, retail, omni-channel community health engagement platform gives consumers the power to collect (and, when they opt-in) share their health and activity data with trusted partners and communities.

The higi platform includes the nation’s largest single network of health stations in the U.S., that millions of consumers access every day.  The platform (including the station, web, and mobile app platform) is both FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant, providing a secure real-time flow of information with multiple screening and tracking modalities, incentives and rewards. This 360-degree, cross-device ecosystem meets consumers where they are (in retail, mobile, home) and enables healthcare stakeholders to better engage with consumers and patients, creating access and actionable insights that motivate and   empower individuals in a simple, fun and rewarding ways.  For more information, visit us at higi.com and follow us on Twitter @higi. In addition, prospective partner developers can learn more about higi’s API by visiting developer.higi.com.


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