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higi’s Nationwide Community Health Engagement Platform To Host Darren Kavinoky’s ‘What’s My Win’ Wellness Initiative and Run Across America

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higi’s Nationwide Community Health Engagement Platform To Host Darren Kavinoky’s ‘What’s My Win’ Wellness Initiative and Run Across America

‘What’s My Win’ (#whatsmywin) is an initiative developed by Golden Image Enterprises to help communities take better care of themselves in part by using the higi self-screening health stations across the nation

Chicago, IL –April 21, 2017 – higi, the international leader in self-screening and wellness technology kicked off Darren Kavinoky’s “Run Across America” today in Los Angeles with Golden Image Enterprises. As Kavinoky’s run kicked off at the Santa Monica pier for a journey across the country spanning several months, one of the first stops was a higi station at a local retailer to log in his progress and keep in touch with his biometric readings.

higi aligned with Golden Image in launching What’s My Win (#whatsmywin), an initiative to help communities across the nation to take better care of themselves by using the higi self-screening health stations. With the launch of What’s My Win, higi and Golden Image Enterprises hope to raise awareness of the small steps every consumer can take to improve their health and that of their community. higi has already attracted 38 million station users and over 212 million screenings and this initiative is designed to markedly increase the number of consumers using the station network.

“higi provides a fun and free way for people to engage in their own wellness.  Its vast network of more than 11,000 screening stations are within five miles of 78% of the country’s population, making us an ideal partner for Darren’s Run Across America and Golden Image Enterprises’s wonderful projects,” said Jeff Bennett, CEO, higi. “By running across America and leading through example, Darren is offering an inspiring example for everyone on their journey towards wellness and we are proud to offer the higi station network to all consumers who would like to get to know their personal biometric numbers.”

The What’s My Win initiative (#whatsmywin) allows higi and Golden Image to leverage higi’s retail health station network and engagement platform to incentivize and reward participants for being active and completing regular health screenings.  Free to consumers, higi enables users and campaign participants to collect and track their biometric and activity data in an all-in-one personal record generated from higi stations (at over 11,000 food, drug, mass retail locations) and from over 80+ activity trackers and health devices.  As a result, #whatsmywin will work with influencers to empower consumers to know their numbers to promote positive behavior change.

The What’s My Win initiative was launched to recognize and celebrate the importance of finding your own path towards better health, and embracing the fact that each and every step toward wellness is a win. By simply heading to a local higi health station to monitor blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, body mass index and other important metrics for free, every consumer has the opportunity to take control and set goals toward a daily health win.

With the What’s My Win initiative, strategic partners, celebrities, musicians, media personalities, and initiative supporters will be promoting #whatsmywin across all social media platforms to find, recognize, and reward individuals around the world for their wellness wins. As users register for the prizes at whatsmywin.com, they are invited to download the higi app and become part of higi’s community of more than 5 million registered users tracking their health over time.

To learn more about What’s My Win (#whatsmywin) initiative, click here or find us on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

About higi

higi is a technology company that is transforming the way communities take care of themselves. Founded in 2012, the company owns and operates the largest FDA-cleared self-screening health station network in the United States with nearly 11,000 stations located in food, drug and mass market retailers. higi also operates a robust online community platform that is linked to the higi health station network and over 80 health devices, activity trackers and apps.  To date, more than 38 million people have used a higi health station to conduct over 212 million biometric screenings (blood pressure, pulse, weight, body mass index).  Over 5 million people have signed up for a higi account which offers an all-in-one biometric and activity data feed for personal health management and information sharing with friends, family and trusted healthcare providers.  For general information, visit us at https://higi.com or for how to work with higi at https://higi.com/business/

About Golden Image Enterprises

Golden Image Enterprises is a global health and wellness collective of inspirational celebrities, wellness experts, social media personalities, legendary musicians, and top business innovators committed to one singular mission: elevate global health and wellness by challenging humanity to take a proactive role in their own transformation. Through daily participation in challenges designed to inform and transform, authentic change begins the moment a participant engages and grows stronger with each completed task. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or currently living a sedentary lifestyle, Golden Image was formed to support and empower a person’s desire to change with the tools and inspiration needed to turn that decision into a sustainable transformation. With Golden Image’s team of multidiscipline wellness crusaders, their focus is to incorporate creative and compelling ways to balance health, wellness, and entertainment into awareness campaigns designed to inspire, motivate, and engage participants in long-term, wellness initiatives. Find Golden Image Enterprises on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!



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