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higi Data Analysis Finds Nearly 30% of Americans Reclassified into High Blood Pressure Category

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higi Data Analysis Finds Nearly 30% of Americans Reclassified into High Blood Pressure Category

62.4% of national higi users have high blood pressure with increased prevalence across heavier populated, higher income and more “healthy” communities

CHICAGO – September 11, 2018 – Presenting at American Heart Association Hypertension 2018 Scientific Sessions, Chicago-based higi, a proven leader in population health enablement, providing consumer-centric, data-driven engagement solutions for providers, payers, retailers and self-insured employers, documented a nearly 30% increase in the number of Americans classified into the high blood pressure category, nearly doubling the national rate of high blood pressure from 33.6% to 62.4% under the new American Heart Association (AHA) and American College of Cardiology (ACA) guidelines.

In an analysis of nearly 40 million blood pressure tests that took place across higi’s network of over 11,000 health stations in 2017, higi examined the national impact of the new blood pressure guidelines, which changed the definition of high blood pressure to a measurement of 130/80 mmHg from the pervious guideline of 140/90 mmHg. In addition to a 28.8% increase in Americans with high blood pressure, the analysis found a greater increase in more populated, higher income, and more “healthy” communities while less populated, lower income, and less “healthy” communities maintained overall greater rates of high blood pressure.

“High blood pressure readings are widely prevalent across all population centers, impacting a diverse subset of communities and cohorts,” said Dr. Khan Siddiqui, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at higi. “While blood pressure risk may still be greatest in disadvantaged populations, occurrence is spreading to include communities deemed more healthy and with higher incomes, making prioritization and risk stratification for providers and payers more challenging.”

Key findings from higi’s analysis include:

  • 28.8% of Americans were reclassified into the high blood pressure category, per the new AHA/ACC guidelines, doubling the rate of high blood pressure nationally from 33.6% to 62.4%.
  • Florida illustrates the greatest impact from the new AHA/ACC blood pressure guidelines, with a large number of older, Medicare-covered patients now falling into the high blood pressure
  • Metropolitan areas of Miami, Tampa and Washington, DC show the greatest increases in rates of high blood pressure with Atlanta, Baltimore and Philadelphia having the highest total rates of high blood pressure.
  • The greatest increases in high blood pressure were in more populated urban areas, and specifically in higher-income communities.
  • High blood pressure readings in less populated and lower-income areas remained overall higher than more populated and higher-income communities.
  • Southeastern states Alabama and Mississippi have the highest total rates of high blood pressure readings.

In May of 2017, higi implemented the new AHA/ACC blood pressure guidelines on its network of over 11,000 stations found at retail pharmacy locations, allowing consumers to see how their blood pressure is now viewed through these new standards and receive information on what steps to take based on their degree of hypertension.

Engaging consumers in their health since 2012, higi has been used by an estimated 50 million people, conducting over 285 million biometric tests, creating the foundation for deep knowledge about consumer engagement and the translation of the health narrative to prevention, early intervention and real-time care team adjustments.  For more information about higi’s data analysis and insights into the prevalence of high blood pressure, please contact media@higi.com

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higi is a population health enablement company that empowers consumers to measure, track and act on their health data. Through a nationwide network of over 11,000 FDA-cleared self-screening stations found at pharmacy retailers and other community locations and over 80 different third-party integrations, higi makes it easier to engage consumers in their health. As the largest repository of standardized biometric data, higi’s population health solutions enable healthcare organizations to better reach targeted populations; collect biometric and other health determinant data to stratify and prioritize consumers; and motivate consumers to take specific actions at a point of care. To date, more than 50 million people have used a higi health station to conduct over 285 million biometric tests. For more information, visit us at www.higi.com.