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The Future of higi and Healthcare in Retail

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The Future of higi and Healthcare in Retail

The Future of higi and Healthcare in Retail

At the Total Store Expo (TSE) conference, we highlighted how higi is helping retailers successfully embrace a consumer-centric focus – utilizing higi stations as an integrated population health enablement tool that engages and supports consumers on their diverse and various health journeys.

While at TSE, higi placed retailers into the role of a consumer, presenting an interactive journey through a retail pharmacy.  By bringing the experience to life, we showcased the future of healthcare in retail where higi is connecting consumers and their health data into the healthcare ecosystem, so that they can more easily communicate with their physicians and care providers, and receive the services and resources they need. This truly was a transformative journey for many of our retailers, and the culmination of the story we had been telling with slides and videos to date.

This journey illustrated the importance of multiple aspects of the healthcare experience – pharmacist intervention, telehealth, labs, and ongoing monitoring.  While participating, the most common question we received was not if services such as telehealth will take place, but rather how do retailers plan to enable it. These days, most agree that the future of retail pharmacy will be centered on patient management and pharmacist counseling.  This is a critical shift as the industry looks beyond filling prescriptions to being a service provider.

Pharmacies and retailers that embrace the consumer-centric model will succeed in this journey. By encouraging conversations to take place within a retail location and offering the services, an individual needs in an easy and convenient manner, retailers can not only maintain their role in the consumer experience, but also enhance the trust and loyalty they’ve built their business around.

At higi, we are proud to be positioned to help our partners be at the forefront of this change.