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A new era of consumer centric data exchange

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A new era of consumer centric data exchange

As a consumer health enablement platform supporting a consumer-centric model for data interoperability, higi applauds CMS and Administrator Seema Verma’s new proposal for data interoperability. The rule, which calls for healthcare organizations to adopt and use standardized APIs so healthcare consumers can easily access their data, advances our belief that the consumer is the owner of their data, and as their healthcare partners, we are the stewards of that data, helping to get it to the places it needs to go to support their healthcare journey.

As we work with healthcare organizations, including payers, providers, employers and retailers to create the 4thNetwork of Healthcare, consumer access and control of their data is core to our mission to help consumers be their healthiest. Our solutions support the integration of data collected through higi into clinical workflows, allowing our partners to identify risk earlier and intervene at the right time.

Through our network of 10,000+ FDA-cleared smart health stations, consumers and their healthcare partners have access to a powerful tool that helps them measure, track and act on their healthcare data and ensure consumers are connected to the care and services they need.

Our work will continue to support consumer centric data exchange and we look forward to partnering across healthcare to usher in this new era.