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The first line of defense for prevention & engagement

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The first line of defense for prevention & engagement

We know that our current means of treating an increasingly chronically ill population is unsustainable, so we must find a new solution to this problem – one that supports current patients in managing their condition, while simultaneously focusing on prevention for at risk populations.

What are the core elements needed to affect the change we need? First, a means to activate and engage. We know that today we have an access problem. While they are many places of care, those places aren’t accessible for a variety of reasons. A solution must offer a way for consumers to opt-in to receive the care they need  – to activate – without barriers to access. Beyond the initial activation, the solution must meet them where they are within the context of their everyday lives, providing a scalable means to engage and educate.

Next, we need a solution that allows care organizations to identify risk sooner. If healthcare organizations can activate, engage and identify risk, suddenly they have the right inputs to intervene before it’s too late.

Finally, a solution must drive action. Because information is not enough – this new data set must be actionable, both for the healthcare organization and for the consumer.

With these three elements in place, we gain the tool set we need to address the problem head on, as the first line of defense against chronic conditions.

Next, how do we get there?