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The 4th Network of Healthcare

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The 4th Network of Healthcare

How do we make this first line of defense for prevention and engagement a reality?

Together, we activate the 4th Network of Healthcare

What is the 4th Network of Healthcare? The 4th Network of Healthcare is a means to engage consumers in their health, on a regular basis and on their terms. The 4th Network is free for consumers to use and provides education around awareness, prevention and management of pervasive chronic conditions. The 4th Network allows consumers to measure, track and act on their health data and connects into current care delivery systems to connect the dots outside of the 4 walls of healthcare. The 4th Network provides a means for healthcare organizations to deliver personalized, actionable health recommendations to consumers, empowering them to take action toward better health. The 4th Network of Healthcare enhances the first three, addressing prevention and engagement to allow hospitals, outpatient provider clinics and urgent care centers to focus on delivering the highest quality care.

higi can activate your 4th Network of Healthcare – connecting your healthcare organization with the populations you care for.

Finally, we’ll share how and why it works