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The gamechanger for consumer engagement

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The gamechanger for consumer engagement

The 4th Network of Healthcare, enabled through higi is the first line for prevention and engagement and more than once every second, a consumer engages with our nationwide network.

higi’s scaled national network consists of 10,000 self-service, smart health stations located primarily in retail pharmacies coupled with a robust, interoperable, digital platform. This network provides a digital and physical “front door” to healthcare for millions of Americans, and in fact, 1 in 7 have engaged with our platform.

Our placement in retail pharmacy, an important point of care, as well as in other points of trust leverages this convenient access point paired with trusted community relationships to onboard and engage on a regular basis at no cost to the consumer. Our digital navigation solutions create a connection point between the consumer and the healthcare organizations that make up their care team, allowing the data collected at higi (leading biometric indicators as well as configurable social, behavioral and other self-reported health data) to integrate into existing workflows. Further, this data becomes actionable for both the healthcare partner and the consumer, as higi can deliver personalized health recommendations uniquely configured to the rules, requirements and clinical priorities of our partners.

To learn more and to activate your 4th Network of Healthcare send us an email at sales@higi.com.