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Strengthening the case against ultra-processed foods

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Strengthening the case against ultra-processed foods

If avoiding ultra-processed foods is on your list of resolutions for the new year, you’re ahead of the game in taking care of your health. According to the researchers behind a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, theirs is the first to find an association between ultra-processed foods and type 2 diabetes risk. The risk of ultra-processed foods is present even if you don’t necessarily gain weight from eating them.

The main culprits to strike from your grocery list? Sugary and artificially sweetened sodas, energy drinks, industrial dairy desserts and milkshakes, fats and sauces, candies and processed meat. These types of foods offer less nutrients than fresh foods, and also generally have higher levels of sodium and fat while being lower in fiber content. They also tend to include substances that have no intended culinary use, like thickeners and certain oils, that may be damaging to your overall health. For more information about the link between these foods and type 2 diabetes, check out this article.

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