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Health lessons from the world’s longest-living populations

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Health lessons from the world’s longest-living populations

2020 made from healthy food on pastel pink background, Healhty New year resolution diet and lifestyleReflecting on the first month of 2020, some of our new year’s resolutions may be in full-swing – while others may have already been forgotten about. Often, the most difficult resolutions to keep up are those that are based on the latest health fads, like starting a brand new diet or exercise routine that promises miraculous results in a short period of time. 

If you’re having trouble keeping up with a health resolution that seems especially difficult to achieve, you’re not alone. One thing that doctors all tend to agree on is that there is no “shortcut” to better health. When it comes to making resolutions to be healthier, it may be best to set smaller, more realistic goals that will reward you in the long run.

One source of inspiration can come from so-called “Blue Zones,” parts of the world with the longest and healthiest living populations. Some of the healthy habits that are consistent across these groups include getting enough sleep, moving your body throughout the day, interacting with others, and taking time to reflect on what you’re most grateful for. Want to learn more? Check out this NPR news article for more helpful insights into living longer and healthier.