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New research zeroes in on potential cause for type 2 diabetes

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New research zeroes in on potential cause for type 2 diabetes

A male doctor talks to his senior female patient about her diabetic health. He is teaching her how to inject herself with an insulin pen.

In the past forty years, the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes has almost tripled – despite growing research and medical efforts to slow down the disease. Recently, a study conducted in the United Kingdom aimed to understand the cause of type 2 diabetes and whether it can be reversed. The study’s findings revealed that type 2 diabetes results from a build up for fat in the liver, which can cause insulin resistance and increase blood sugar production.

According to one of the study’s authors, when there’s too much fat in our bodies, it is stored inside the liver and then spills out to the pancreas. This can clog up the pancreas, affect insulin production and lead to type 2 diabetes. The study also investigated whether, knowing the cause of type 2 diabetes, reversing the disease is possible. According to the results, it’s possible that – through persistent diet and sustained weight loss – losing body fat (and relieving your pancreas and liver) can help reverse the disease. According to the study, the sooner after diagnosis fat loss takes place, the better the chances of reversing the disease. Read more about this research at Medical News Today.