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The 10 steps for healthy aging you need to know

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The 10 steps for healthy aging you need to know

Researchers don’t yet fully understand what causes Alzheimer’s disease in most people. Even so, there are certain lifestyle habits that experts recommend to help keep our bodies and brains healthy as we age.   

Here are ten steps for healthy aging that are recommended by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA):

  1. Eat a balanced diet. Try to eat plenty of healthy fats, fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods. Generally, foods that are heart healthy are also brain healthy!1
  2. Get regular exercise. Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain and can also help improve your mood and overall wellbeing. Don’t have access to the gym? Try a brisk walk at lunch or lifting weights while watching TV!1 
  3. Keep learning new things. Taking up a new language, trying a cooking class, or simply doing something you haven’t done before is like a workout for your brain.1
  4. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Not getting enough sleep can affect your physical wellbeing and negatively impact memory and critical thinking.1 
  5. Take medications as your doctor prescribes. Medicine can affect our bodies in different ways, especially as we age. If you’re taking a new medication, make sure to follow your doctor or pharmacist’s instructions.1
  6. Stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Both smoking and drinking too much alcohol can increase your risk of illness that, in turn, impacts your brain’s health.1
  7. Stay socially active. Building connections with others and can stimulate your brain health and improve your mood!1
  8. Know your blood pressure.High blood pressure can impact the blood flow to your brain. Find out your blood pressure numbers at your convenience by visiting a Higi Health Station near you!1 
  9. Don’t skip your check ups. Preventive screenings are key to detecting and managing illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, all of which can impact your brain health.1 
  10. Get a memory screening.Our brains need check ups, too! A memory screening is a quick, easy and safe tool to check your memory and other thinking skills.1 

Try to keep these tips in mind as you go about your day – your body and brain will thank you!

1 10 Steps for Healthy Aging. Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. https://alzfdn.org/10-steps-for-healthy-aging/