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Taking care of your type 2 diabetes when you’re sick with a cold

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Taking care of your type 2 diabetes when you’re sick with a cold

Young Asian woman feeling sick with flu, fever and headache while at home.We all know how miserable it can feel to have the flu or a cold. Getting sick can be especially unpleasant for those of us living with type 2 diabetes because it can make our blood sugar more tricky to manage. When we’re sick, the stress of inflammation on our immune systems can cause our blood sugar to spike – while having an upset stomach or dehydration can lead to drops in blood sugar. 

 If you’re living with type 2 diabetes and suffering from a nasty cold or flu, here are some recommendations from WebMD to help you stay safe and recover well: 

  • Expect higher sugar levels. If you’re sick, you’re likely not getting exercise and your immune system is under stress – both of which can lead to increased blood sugar. 
  • Make sure to eat and drink. Staying hydrated and fed can help you keep up your strength and stop your blood sugar from dropping too low. 
  • Check your blood glucose levels frequently. It can be important to check for both highs and lows, especially because the signs and symptoms of your cold and flu can mask the symptoms of blood sugar problems.  

 For more advice, check out this article on WebMD.