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Our responsibility to you and the communities we serve during COVID-19

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Our responsibility to you and the communities we serve during COVID-19

To our valued partners,

We are in unprecedented times and unchartered waters, which has created uncertainty for businesses and consumers alike; however, we want to thank you for your leadership during this difficult time. By working together, we’ll get through and move beyond this crisis.

We remain committed to continue serving you, by building and optimizing the offerings that connect consumers to the care services they need. While we understand that traditional user engagement has been disrupted, we are thankful for your commitment to keep your stores open and the stations available. While the situation is unprecedented, we recognize that for some, our stations offer a critical access point to check and monitor vitals, particularly as many non-urgent care appointments are cancelled.

We continue to leverage our platform and engaged user base to create awareness and drive critical education around the health topics that matter to our users. Right now, the Coronavirus disease is top of mind. To date, we have made available an Attract Screen message focused on the preventative measures that consumers can take to keep themselves healthy. We have communicated this message to registered users via email and have shared it across our blogs and social channels. We have worked with our partners to provide and post cleaning instructions that meet the standards set by the CDC to keep our stations safe for use today and in the future. We will continue to innovate around the ways we can educate and support our communities together, in service of you and the consumers you serve. We are in discussions with a leading telehealth company to provide consumers with a comprehensive, emergency digital service that creates a systematic clinical funnel for COVID-19 self-triage and guidance on when to seek testing and potential treatment (a digital symptom checker of sorts). Consumers that are concerned about their potential risk will be able to access this symptom checker by opting in during a Higi screening.  As part of the symptom checker, accessible via the web, consumers will answer a few simple questions and receive a response with an indication of their potential risk for COVID-19.  We are grateful to be able to offer this expanded support and care for consumers.

To our retail partners, now, more than ever, your role as a front door of healthcare is clear, and we thank you and your teams for your leadership and commitment to community during this time. Thank you for keeping your doors open and your shelves stocked so the rest of us can feel as normal as possible and access the nourishment and medications we need.  We would especially like to thank your pharmacists for providing information and guidance to help patients stay informed and healthy.

To our health system and health plan partners, we know the tremendous preparations and work underway to meet the medical needs of those that will require care in the coming days and weeks. We thank you for your commitment and sacrifices being made by your employees, physicians, nurses and other healthcare works to scale up for this unprecedented challenge.

Finally, a thank you to all employers for making the necessary, though tough, business decisions to prioritize the health of their employees.

Please stay safe and let us know how we can support your tireless efforts during these challenging times.

Kind regards,

Jeff Bennett | CEO, Higi