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Your Heart Health and COVID-19

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Your Heart Health and COVID-19

Senior man eating fresh salad. Mature male having healthy snack, healthcare, diet conceptWith all of the uncertainty that comes with coronavirus, we do know that people with heart conditions are more likely to develop a serious illness from it.1 It can be scary if you have a heart condition but staying informed and following health guidance can help you stay safe and feel in control.

In terms of ways to manage your heart health, sticking to your pre-coronavirus routine will help. That includes following heart-healthy habits, managing your stress, and continuing to take any medications unless you talk to your care team. In addition to these steps, you should avoid COVID-19 exposure when possible by wearing a mask or face covering and maintaining a physical distance from others when in public.

Also, it’s important to continue to talk to your health care team, so take advantage of virtual visits when needed.

Check out additional tips and resources from the American College of Cardiology and CardioSmart for more information.

1People Who Are at Higher Risk for Severe Illness. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.