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Your Score For Life

The vision for the higi Score is one number unique to you, measured in real-time, that allows you to quantify your life. The Score helps you discover how the choices you make today will impact your health down the road.

Yes, your weight is important. So is your Body Mass Index, blood pressure and pulse. Let’s not forget about your physical activity, how much you sleep, what you eat, the time you spend with friends and family and so on. Even these few numbers are the tip of the iceberg when looking at what makes each of us unique.

Think of the higi Score as a BLT sandwich. Aside from being straight up delicious, a BLT is not complete without all three essential ingredients. What are the three essential ingredients in the Score? Your body, lifestyle and community. In order to measure true well-being, all three of these must be considered. We guess you can call it our BLC.


The “body” portion of your higi Score analyzes your health vitals. The higi Score currently takes into consideration your weight, BMI, blood pressure and pulse. Basic information about yourself including your age, height and gender are also factored in. The higi Stations do the heavy lifting here, taking these measurements for you. We’ll continue to expand and include more of your important health vitals.


Your “lifestyle” is all about the choices you make throughout the day. Where you live, your physical activity, what you eat and your quality of sleep are just a few of the important lifestyle factors that have a significant bearing on your quality of life. Moving forward we’ll look to integrate with the apps and devices you use to track these aspects of your life.


Often overlooked, the strength of your relationships with close friends and family play an important role in your overall well-being. The “community” portion of the Score looks at how well you foster support, encouragement and interaction. Currently we leverage Facebook to include your relationship status and basic information about your friends. This portion of the Score will evolve as we look at additional ways to measure “community” and introduce our own.

What’s a good higi Score?

The higi Score is unique to each individual user. The higher your Score, the better. Currently the average Score is about 750. On your leaderboard you’ll see how you stack up to that of all higi users and people of your same gender and age.

How do I improve?

Consistent monitoring, here at higi.com or at a higi Station, is the simplest way to improve and learn more about yourself. We’ll help you track each part of your higi Score, through which you’ll begin to understand what makes you tick.

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