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Author: Rebecca Kruppe

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Minorities are more likely to have type 2 diabetes – even at lower weights

Being overweight or obese is a well-known risk factor for type 2 diabetes, but a new Kaiser Permanente study shows that this risk can vary widely depending on your race and ethnicity. The study, which included 4.9 million people from diverse backgrounds and geographies, showed that racial and ethnic minority groups were much more likely […]

Hypertension Linked to Cognitive Decline, but Treatment Helps

Your heart health has a larger impact on your brain health than once previously thought. Hypertension, in particular, appears to accelerate cognitive decline. The good news? Effective treatment can reduce the risk of this decline to the same level of people without hypertension, according to a new report. Some of the key takeaways include participants […]

Benefits of Tea on Brain Health

Tea is a versatile beverage that can kick off a person’s morning, perk up their afternoon or provide a calming source before bed. Now, researchers are finding an association between regular tea drinking and mood improvement, as well as improving memory over time. In fact, drinking tea is effective in preventing cognitive decline over time, […]