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January 27, 2020

Have you heard of gestational diabetes?

Many of us haven’t heard of gestational diabetes, a lesser known but fairly common type of diabetes. Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy in women who didn’t already have diabetes.1 According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 10 percent of pregnancies in the US are affected by gestational diabetes every year.2 Gestational diabetes starts when a […]

January 16, 2020

Daily aspirin therapy no longer recommended for those without a history or heart attack or stroke

According to a recent AARP article, the American Heart Association no longer recommends that adults who have not had a heart attack or stroke take a low-dose aspirin a day to prevent one from occurring.  This new advice is based on recent research showing that the risks of taking aspirin on a daily basis can […]

January 15, 2020

What binge-drinking can do to your heart’s health

A new study conducted in Russia shows that binge-drinking and heavy alcohol use can damage the structure and function of the heart. A lead researcher on the study shares that, even if symptoms don’t appear straight away, heavy drinking can significantly increase a person’s risk of heart problems, like heart disease and stroke, in the […]

January 14, 2020

How the time before menopause can shape a woman’s health

Did you know that perimenopause, the time during which a woman’s body prepares for menopause, can last between four to ten years? During this time, a woman’s body goes through numerous hormonal and reproductive changes as it prepares to stop ovulating and enter the next stage of life. Some women may notice certain symptoms, like […]