Change to higi Point allocations for tracking your blood pressure and weight

In the early days of higi, we started out with only a higi Station where you could track your weight and blood pressure. Over the last year, we’ve greatly expanded the number of devices we integrate with to make it easier track your health vitals from the convenience of your home or office. Forgot to swing by a higi Station while picking up your groceries? If you own a connected scale or blood pressure cuff we support, you won’t miss a beat and can track when and where you please.

As usage of these at-home devices has increased, we wanted to make sure it was crystal clear the number of higi Points you will receive when you do track your weight or blood pressure. Moving forward, regardless of where you checked your vitals, we will now award 50 points per day for checking your weight and 50 points per day for checking your blood pressure. This is up to 100 points per day. You can use any of the home monitoring solutions we support or, as always, swing by your local higi Station to get your daily dose of points.

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  1. Ann Kidder

    Sorry to say that the machine is not always working.

  2. Colm Quinn

    For those without the expensive tech devices, the in-store higi is our only choice. How do we get in-lieu points when the machine is not in service or malfunctioning?

  3. Nancy

    The higi machine screen keyboard is not fully functional for over a month @Spotswoof Shoprite in NJ. As a result I have been unable to do my weeklly check in. It would be appreciated if someone would look into it since I was not successful in correcting this in the store itself. Thank you for your attention,
    Sincerely, Nancy A

  4. Gregg Wilson

    Where do you get the weight device and blood pressure cuff. Thanks

  5. Cookie41

    After I get the 100 points , where will points count for towards Higi.

  6. Cookie41

    What are the points for in Higi? How doesiit it help you to get some of this equipment?

  7. Cookie41

    How will these points help towards purchasing some of this equipment ?

  8. betina talmadge

    I’m trying to loss weight have high blood cholesterol diabetes would like trying to keep check on weight


    I have a AT&T Windows cell phone. You only have IPhone and Android?
    Is there a seperate App. for this phone? Or should I just down the Android version.

  10. Jan

    How do I share my results with my Doctor?

  11. Shayla

    How can I forward my information from higi to my Doctor? Is there a way that I’m not seeing? I think this would be a great way for the information to get to the Dr. correctly, straight from the horses mouth, so to say.

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