Changes to higi Point allocations for tracking your fitness activity

Big news! As of today, we will be introducing changes to the way we award points for fitness tracking. These changes are in response to frequent requests from you, our users, looking for more consistency in the number of points you get for various activities through your connected devices and apps. To meet this need, and as we integrate with more devices, we are standardizing the model to better balance the value of points awarded for various healthy activities. The new points allocation structure is as follows:



*Please note, not all devices or apps from the listed manufacturers necessarily track a given activity type. This list simply indicates that at least one devices or app from the manufacturer is supported for the activity type. 

Have any questions / comments about this change? Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below or reach out to us at



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  1. Neena

    Nothing has updated for the last five days. What’s up with that?

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