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Overview & Regulatory Context higi SH LLC (higi) is a certified Quality Management System and Medical Device Standards (ISO 13485) company. It complies with all regulations associated with the design, manufacturing and distribution of health monitoring tools. In addition to ISO certification, … Continue reading

higi Station

If you’ve been waiting for a higi Station near you, looking for a Station at your normal pharmacy or want more measurements out of your higi Station, we have good news. Over the next month, we’re adding over 3,000 new … Continue reading

higi Station Product Update

A few weeks ago we were honored to be part of the  Whole Foods Market internal conference, called the Tribal Gathering and World Fair, in Austin, TX.

higi Station Whole Foods

Back in February we spent a day mingling and educating the customers of the Northbrook Whole Foods Market about higi and the new in-store higi Station. Their Station sits in the heart

higi Station Whole Foods

Today you’ll notice that we no longer support the ability to log in or sign up for higi with your Facebook and Google account from a higi Station, or our iPhone app.

higi Station Product Update