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You may have noticed a change in your higi Score. If so, worry not! We recently updated the higi Score as of December 10, 2105. Since we first introduced the higi Score, we have continually added new ways for you … Continue reading

Product Update

Big news! As of today, we will be introducing changes to the way we award points for fitness tracking. These changes are in response to frequent requests from you, our users, looking for more consistency in the number of points … Continue reading

Product Update

In the early days of higi, we started out with only a higi Station where you could track your weight and blood pressure. Over the last year, we’ve greatly expanded the number of devices we integrate with to make it … Continue reading

Product Update

We’re excited to announce that we are now integrated with a number of our most requested devices. Below is the rundown:

Product Update

If you’ve been waiting for a higi Station near you, looking for a Station at your normal pharmacy or want more measurements out of your higi Station, we have good news. Over the next month, we’re adding over 3,000 new … Continue reading

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