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The market need

  • To elevate personal health and healthcare in the mind of the consumer
  • To maximize the reach and efficiency of healthcare resources to serve the healthcare consumers of today and tomorrow
  • To deliver high quality, preventative services and ongoing health management at scale

The solution

With higi, healthcare stakeholders can
  • Identify and activate consumers by leveraging established points of trust in the community
  • Risk stratify populations through early identification
  • Deliver real time, personalized health recommendations

The game changer

With higi, healthcare stakeholders gain admission into a national network of community-based activation and digital engagement programs that integrate consumer health data into clinical workflows. This consumer-stakeholder connectivity begins with higi’s 11,000 FDA-cleared smart health stations and leverages points of trust to meet consumers where they are, at zero cost to them. Furthermore, it takes healthcare beyond the four walls, empowering consumers to take ownership over their health hand-in-hand with their healthcare partners.

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