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What do the New Year, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and the 4th Network of Healthcare all have in common?

For most anyone in healthcare, our New Year’s Eve ‘ball drop’ event is the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, Jan 7-10.  And this year, we predict the focus on healthcare consumerism to be at its height with providers, payers, employers, investors and the like looking for solutions that mesh the existing ecosystem […]

How hypertensive is New York City?

The New York metro area’s high blood pressure rate under new AHA/ACC guidelines is 60.3%, as measured by higi kiosks. This marks an increase of 28.4 percentage points from the old classification. (By comparison, the Philadelphia metro area jumped 28.2 points to 65.0%, and the nation as a whole jumped 28.8 points to 62.4%.) As […]

The Future of higi and Healthcare in Retail

The Future of higi and Healthcare in Retail

At the Total Store Expo (TSE) conference, we highlighted how higi is helping retailers successfully embrace a consumer-centric focus – utilizing higi stations as an integrated population health enablement tool that engages and supports consumers on their diverse and various health journeys. While at TSE, higi placed retailers into the role of a consumer, presenting […]

Over 62% of Americans at Risk for Hypertension Under New ACC/AHA Blood Pressure Guidelines*

Population health data released by higi sheds light on need for consumers to know their risk for hypertension and have access to convenient healthcare resources CHICAGO – May 17, 2018 – higi, a population health enablement company that makes it easier for people to be their healthiest with free biometric screening stations nationwide, today released […]