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Top Two Nutrients that Support Your Healthy Immune System†

Sponsored by Nature Made* By: Nature Made During the fall and winter months, it seems like our immune systems need extra support to help sustain our overall health and wellbeing. While there are several ways to help ensure a well-functioning immune system, making sure that we provide our bodies with nutrients that support immune system […]

The inflammation-lowering benefits of running

There’s no shortage of health reporting the many physical benefits of exercise. The latest? That consistent, long-term running can help aging muscles remain healthy as we get older. Research shows that physically fit people tend to have lower levels of inflammation in their bodies than inactive people do. Chronic inflammation (inflammation that lasts for months […]

Knowing how to read and write may protect your brain from dementia

A study on older adults (65+) with less than four years of schooling has revealed that being able to read and write may help protect against dementia. Of 938 participants, who were based in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood, 238 were illiterate. Over time, those who were illiterate developed dementia at an earlier age than those […]

Hypertension Linked to Cognitive Decline, but Treatment Helps

Your heart health has a larger impact on your brain health than once previously thought. Hypertension, in particular, appears to accelerate cognitive decline. The good news? Effective treatment can reduce the risk of this decline to the same level of people without hypertension, according to a new report. Some of the key takeaways include participants […]

Benefits of Tea on Brain Health

Tea is a versatile beverage that can kick off a person’s morning, perk up their afternoon or provide a calming source before bed. Now, researchers are finding an association between regular tea drinking and mood improvement, as well as improving memory over time. In fact, drinking tea is effective in preventing cognitive decline over time, […]

We’ve heard that high blood pressure is a culprit for dementia – but what about low blood pressure?

We’ve heard that high blood pressure is a culprit for dementia – but what about low blood pressure?

Researchers have known for years that high blood pressure can damage small blood vessels in the brain, affecting the parts that are responsible for thinking and memory.[1] More recently, the link between low blood pressure and dementia has come into question. Low blood pressure is associated with a reduced flow of blood to the brain, […]