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Aspirin and Heart Health

If you have been told to take a daily aspirin for your heart health, you may be interested in learning about the updated guidelines by the AHA. Guidelines released by the American Heart Association suggest that a low dose of aspirin (75-100mg orally daily) is recommended for people aged 40-70 years who are at higher […]

Brushing up on Heart Health

Having healthy teeth does more than just boost your confidence and smile—it can also have a positive impact on your health. Taking good care of your teeth by brushing twice a day and getting yearly professional cleanings is linked to better heart health, a new study shows. The study found higher rates of heart-related problems […]

Cutting Only 300 Calories a Day Can Cut Your Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, Study Finds

Cutting calories from your diet helps keep your heart in tip-top shape. New research finds that even individuals who are at a healthy weight can benefit from even a small calorie reduction. Taking away 300 calories from your diet each day can result in lowering levels of bad cholesterol and increasing levels of good cholesterol, […]

How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

The death rate from cardiovascular disease is not improving. In fact, it is rising for middle-aged Americans. To help reduce your risk for developing the deadly disease, there are some key strategies to employ, including managing your blood pressure, controlling your cholesterol, getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. Beyond those recommendations, be sure […]

E-cigarette Flavors May Increase Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Study Finds

Flavors common in e-cigarettes, such as caramel, vanilla and cinnamon, can do more harm to our bodies than once previously thought. New research finds these flavors can damage the cells that line the interior of blood vessels and can increase a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease later on in life. Cinnamon and menthol flavors […]