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New research on the potential link between permanent hair-dye and breast cancer

A new study has revealed a new, surprising potential risk factor for breast cancer: the use of permanent hair dye or chemical straightening treatments. According to the researchers, hair products contain more than 5,000 chemicals, including those that can interfere with a woman’s hormone function and cause health risks. Analyzing data from the Sister Study, […]

The inflammation-lowering benefits of running

There’s no shortage of health reporting the many physical benefits of exercise. The latest? That consistent, long-term running can help aging muscles remain healthy as we get older. Research shows that physically fit people tend to have lower levels of inflammation in their bodies than inactive people do. Chronic inflammation (inflammation that lasts for months […]

New colorectal screening recommendations for adults aged 50-75

New recommendations for colorectal screening for adults between the ages of 50-75 were recently announced by the American College of Physicians (ACP). According to the ACP, adults in this age group should get screened on a regular basis in one of three ways: A colonoscopy every 10 years A fecal immunochemical test (FIT) or high sensitivity […]

Knowing how to read and write may protect your brain from dementia

A study on older adults (65+) with less than four years of schooling has revealed that being able to read and write may help protect against dementia. Of 938 participants, who were based in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood, 238 were illiterate. Over time, those who were illiterate developed dementia at an earlier age than those […]

The older you are, the better you may be able to manage type 2 diabetes

New research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University shows that younger people who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes may have a more difficult time managing the stress of the condition. They found that younger patients (aged 42 and below), especially those with higher education and income levels, experienced higher stress levels, specifically when it […]

Keeping a healthy blood sugar level can lower risk for Alzheimer’s

People who have diabetes or metabolic syndrome (a group of risk factors that often lead to diabetes) have twice the risk of dementia, new research shows. Scientists are now investigating why and are conducting research to better understand the link between blood sugar and the brain’s health. A number of theories exist. One study showed […]

Coming soon: Learn your diabetes risk at a Higi Health Station!

Beginning this Diabetes Awareness Month, in support of the American Diabetes Association’s mission, Higi is introducing a free and convenient on-station risk test for type 2 diabetes.    We are delighted to announce that, in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, Higi is introducing the Diabetes Risk Test, a brand-new service that will be available at 10,000 retail locations nationwide. Just like you’re able to check […]

The CDC recommends getting your flu shot no later than the end of October

The CDC’s most recent guidelines recommend getting your flu vaccination no later than the end of October this year. Getting vaccinated for the flu is particularly important among people who are 65 or older because of their high risk for severe illness and complications. In fact, during most flu seasons, between 70-90% of flu-related deaths affect […]