25% off iHealth Devices

iHealth products are designed to make it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health.

iHealth’s award-winning line of wireless products include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body analysis and composition scales, pulse oximeter, activity and sleep trackers. All iHealth products sync directly with a free mobile app that makes monitoring, viewing, storing and sharing of health vitals simple and easy.

This reward gives you a 25% discount on all devices purchased via the iHealth online store.

*All iHealth blood pressure monitors, weight scales, and activity trackers sync with higi. You can use these devices to earn higi points.

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Cat H Says (5 months ago)

I love my scale. Gives me all the information that I've been trying to keep up with.

Manny G Says (6 months ago)

I am so happy with my BP monitor. Hooked up to my Samsung Note easily. Will try out the scale when I get home. 25% off = good $.

Asher R Says (7 months ago)

Nice simple to use BP monitor

carol N Says (8 months ago)

Finally got my scale in the mail today!!!!!

Sandra S Says (9 months ago)

Interesting iDevices, sometimes difficult to connect.

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