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Setting realistic goals for your type 2 diabetes

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Setting realistic goals for your type 2 diabetes

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Wondering if it’s possible to reverse type 2 diabetes? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may like. According to a number of studies, the key to reversing type 2 diabetes seems to be sustained, substantial weight loss through intensive dieting or bariatric surgeries. With the proper health and lifestyle changes, it’s possible to go into remission for the disease – but that doesn’t mean that it won’t come back.

Even so, don’t let the lack of a guarantee discourage you. Rather than focusing solely on the goal of reversing type 2 diabetes, it may be helpful to focus on taking steps to improve your overall long-term health. By focusing on your diet, physical activity, weight loss and medication adherence (when applicable), you’re taking steps toward a healthier future. Learn more about this at US News.