Overview & Regulatory Context higi SH LLC (higi) is a certified Quality Management System and Medical Device Standards (ISO 13485) company. It complies with all regulations associated with the design, manufacturing and distribution of health monitoring tools. In addition to ISO certification, higi medical device products receive FDA clearance (via the 510k process) prior to market introduction in the USA. To view our Accuracy Statement click here.
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You may have noticed a change in your higi Score. If so, worry not! We recently updated the higi Score as of December 10, 2105. Since we first introduced the higi Score, we have continually added new ways for you to engage with higi. We made the change in the higi Score to take advantage of these additions, and more accurately reflect a user’s recent engagement with higi. The higi Score reflects engagement around two factors: regular check-ins at a higi health station and daily activity, as measured by an activity tracker synced to your higi app.Check-ins on a connected scale or at the gym via FourSquare also count. In other words, the more regular check-ins and the more regular activity, the higher the higi Score. In the near future, we will be sharing additional improvements in the higi experience, ones designed to help you take continued small steps to create lasting healthy habits. In the meantime, we hope these changes help you better understand the higi Score and as well as how to improve it. Questions, comments, ideas? Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below or reach out to us at support@higi.com.
Product Update
Big news! As of today, we will be introducing changes to the way we award points for fitness tracking. These changes are in response to frequent requests from you, our users, looking for more consistency in the number of points you get for various activities through your connected devices and apps. Read More
Product Update
In the early days of higi, we started out with only a higi Station where you could track your weight and blood pressure. Over the last year, we've greatly expanded the number of devices we integrate with to make it easier track your health vitals from the convenience of your home or office. Read More
Product Update
We're excited to announce that we are now integrated with a number of our most requested devices. Below is the rundown: Read More
Product Update