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higi is a health engagement platform that empowers consumers to measure, track and act on their health data through easily accessible smart health stations currently found at over 10,000 retail pharmacies and other community points of trust.

We support risk-based organizations in meeting population health management goals by providing solutions that help healthcare organizations reach, know and manage the individuals that make up the populations for which they care.

The higi platform facilitates the connection and ongoing engagement between the consumer and their healthcare team, enabling healthcare stakeholders to deliver better care at a lower cost. We call this new access point the 4th Network of Healthcare.


Connect with populations and activate them digitally.


Identify rising risk consumers and prioritize care delivery to those with the highest needs.


Connect targeted consumers with resources to monitor progress and take desired actions that close gaps in care.

It All Starts with Consumer Engagement

With approximately 1 million sessions per week, we leverage our broad footprint to enable population health management.

Our solutions are easily integrated into current workflows:

higi Health Connect ℠

Engage your consumers in a health station visit to measure health status and share data including: mobile phone number, email, biometrics, and other custom survey responses with a digital communication consent.

higi Care Connect ℠

Seamlessly drive health recommendations to connected consumers through digital channels.

Integrated Health Station ℠

Deploy additional higi stations within your community to enable greater access to your targeted population for activation and ongoing screening

The Nation’s Largest Network of Smart Health Stations

Consumers can find our stations at their local grocery store, pharmacy or club store.

The Nation’s Largest Network of Smart Health Stations

Consumers can find our stations at their local grocery store, pharmacy or club store.

What This Means For You

Our solutions enhance population health initiatives by engaging consumers to know their numbers, share their health data and take right actions for their health.


Improve risk adjustment accuracy, enhance risk stratification and intervention with a real-time basic health profile and the ability to engage with your population digitally, improve STAR and HEDIS ratings, and achieve higher HRA completion rates, while increasing member satisfaction

Providers & ACOs

Enhance risk stratification and intervention with real-time data, improve accuracy of risk adjustment while increasing revenue and lowering health expenditures for at risk and rising risk populations, and increasing patient satisfaction

Retail Pharmacies

Better serve shoppers and drive revenues while supporting medication adherence and reimbursable disease management or prevention programs through enhanced consumer profile data

Corporate Health & Wellness Providers

Activate and conduct outreach to more employees and dependents, gain a basic health profile on more eligible lives and better measure the efficacy of care management programs

Government Organizations

Enhance planning to support at risk populations, improve ranking metrics in key chronic condition categories and measure longitudinal program efficacy in key geographies

Pharmaceuticals & Life Science Organizations

Generate leads and collect data for clinical trials and surveillance programs and deliver targeted direct-to-consumer messaging at point-of-sale

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